Who takes Breakthrough Weekend and why?

Individuals 14 and over are encouraged to be part of this powerful weekend. Though the course is geared toward individuals, some people choose to attend with a significant other, family member or co-worker.  Whether attending solo or with others, each student will be regarded as a separate individual with separate needs.

People choose to attend The Weekend for several reasons.  Many have lives that work well and they want to develop new tools with which to approach life and propel it “to the next level.” Some may feel as if nothing in life seems to work.  And others maybe struggling with just one particular area in life that eludes them and they are ready to make it work.

My friend invited me to enroll, but I think my life is fine just the way it is. Why should I take Breakthrough?

People take Breakthrough for all kinds of reasons. This course can be very helpful for those who are feeling stuck in certain areas of their lives. It can also be a catalyst for further developing areas of your life in which you are satisfied and simply see potential for growth. Consider what more you could be getting out of life and use Breakthrough to achieve the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Who else will be in the room during my course?

In addition to the Coaches and your fellow students, and integral to the success of the weekend, the Breakthrough format also includes a support team comprised of previous weekend participants. Known as the Assistants Team, these committed individuals are knowledgeable of the process, have experience with personal development work, and most importantly, help to create a safe and caring environment for the students. The participation of Assistants is completely voluntary and is inspired by their own rewarding experiences as students in The Breakthrough Weekend.

I’m a very private person. Why is it necessary to share my feelings with a group of people I don’t know?

This is a very common concern for people considering Breakthrough Weekend. We understand the tendency to feel anxious about learning with a room of strangers.  However, Breakthrough Weekend is designed as a group experience and the reason is threefold.

  1.  Some people tend to isolate themselves from their lives and the people around them. Discovering that others experience the same kinds of feelings can be a comforting and healing experience.  Breakthrough Weekend helps us realize that humans have a “common ground” and that no one is truly alone.
  2. Breakthrough Weekend helps us see how we relate to other people and gives us tools for team building. Having the benefit of immediate team feedback informs students how to be a valuable member of any team – whether at work, in one’s family or as part of the team we call the human experience.
  3. The assistants in the room are what make The Breakthrough Weekend experience. They create a safe environment in which to learn and grow.  It may seem hard to believe, but we are confident saying that you may never meet a group of people more committed to your success.  Most participants say that they’ve never felt more nurtured or supported in their lives.

Y’know, I might not admit this to anyone, but the idea of doing Breakthrough scares me.

Fear can be a real obstacle to taking Breakthrough. For many people, “the unknown” can feel very scary.  Many times, fear is a “protection mechanism” one relies on in order to stay safe in what’s familiar—even if that familiar place is not a particularly happy, healthy, or successful one.  Strangely enough, we cling to what we know, no matter how unhappy or uncomfortable we really are.

Taking Breakthrough may create emotional risk for you, but the risk is well worth it because the benefits at the end are rewarding and illuminating. We take responsibility for creating the most accepting and safe environment possible for your self-exploration.  We encourage you to approach the weekend with curiosity and look at change as an adventurous opportunity for growth.

What sort of “exercises” will we be doing during the workshop?

The format of the weekend consists of many different types of facilitated exercises.  They consist of activities such as discussion in small groups or practicing a new skill with another person.  It is an interactive, experiential learning environment including time for self-reflection, group work, peer support and lots of laughter.

Is Breakthrough Weekend affiliated with some religion or theology?

No. The concepts taught are based in psychology, having been designed around the studies of Alfred Adler and his protégé Rudolf Dreikurs, both notable psychologists of their time.  All persons of any or no religious belief are welcome. In fact, we have instructed students of almost every religious or non-religious persuasion: Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, agnostic and more. Breakthrough is a workshop focused on helping you develop skills to assist you on your path, whatever your beliefs may be.

What happens after The Breakthrough Weekend?

Continuing to revisit and refine the skills you learn during your initial weekend is key in successfully applying them in the outside world.  There are many opportunities to stay connected.

  • Attend the Follow-Up. Two weeks after your weekend workshop, a Follow-Up Potluck will be held.  This discussion session offers you the opportunity to review your progress, fine-tune what you have learned, get answers to questions that may have come up and reconnect with others who attended your workshop.
  • Be an Assistant. All Breakthrough graduates are eligible to return as an assistant during future Breakthrough Weekends at a $25 fee.  Many people say they continue to grow and learn through assisting and reinforce the tools they gained during their initial weekend.
  • Stay connected. There are a number of ways to learn and continue to move forward in your life even when you’re not in the course room.  Many students create and maintain strong, supportive friendships with the Breakthrough community and choose to stay in contact by phone, email, Facebook Group for Graduates, and in-person.

What does it cost?

If you’d like to know more about current fee schedules and forms of payment, or if you would like to inquire about a convenient payment plan, please feel free to contact us.  Kindly include your phone number and we’ll be happy to give you a call.

What does it mean that my tuition is a Lifetime Membership?

Be an Assistant. All Breakthrough graduates are eligible to return as an assistant during future Breakthrough Weekends at a $25 fee. Many people say they continue to grow and learn through assisting and reinforce the tools they gained during their initial weekend.

Once you attend The Breakthrough Weekend as a student you will discover what an amazing group of people the Breakthrough community is. You will experience a connection to a healthy community and the joy of playing on a team and making things happen. As an assistant you will be provided extraordinary opportunities to work with the students of the next course in identifying what it is in their lives that they want to change for the better. You will also be an active participant in the course by helping motivate students by sharing your own experiences and personal growth.

I still need to know more

If you’d like more information or would like to speak personally with a manager or a Coach to determine if The Breakthrough Weekend is right for you, please contact us and we will gladly get back to you.