The Breakthrough Weekend is a unique weekend workshop. It combines personal exercises, group interaction and transformational instruction to help you improve your relationships with other by improving your relationship with yourself. It is designed to help you get what you want out of life.  You will receive the benefits of personal attention from our two experienced Coaches, who will lead you to the insight you need to move forward.

Among other things, we will show you:

  • How to achieve more joy and satisfaction in your life.
  • How to overcome self-imposed limitations.
  • How to embrace new challenges.
  • How to strengthen relationships.
  • How to communicate more effectively.
  • How to develop self-confidence and personal power.
  • Add more passion, prosperity and purpose to your life.

In addition to the two Coaches and your fellow students the format includes a support team consisting of previous Breakthrough Weekend participants.  Known as the Assistant Team, these committed individuals have an understanding of the process and help to create a safe and caring environment for the students.  The participation of assistants is completely voluntary and is inspired by their own rewarding experiences as students in The Breakthrough Weekend.

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